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Acceptable Use Policy – Updated on August 25th, 2023.

This Acceptable Use Policy specify the restrictions applied to the service you are subscribing from ViavHost

Please note that this Acceptable Use Policy is subjected to change and it is Customer’s responsibility to regularly check for modifications. (Customers, users, and visitors are referred collectively as Customer.)

Prohibited Content

The following is a list of content that are not accepted in our servers.

  • Under Legal Age nudity or modeling
  • Illegal drugs and drug contraband
  • Weapons selling websites
  • Carding Websites
  • Phishing Websites
  • Malware, IP Spoofing, DDoSers, Booters, Stressers, Scanners, Botnets, Email Spam or any type of network abuse

Content Considerations

The following is a list of considerations that apply to the specified operations in our servers and network.

Resources Overload: Overload of shared hosting, vps or cloud servers services until the system performance or other customers’ business is affected which including and not limiting to CPU resources overload, bandwidth overload, memory resources overload, TCP/UDP connections overload and massive email spamming by scripts.

Tor Network: TOR exit and relay nodes may be run on our network ONLY on dedicated servers with dedicated bandwidth service. In the case of traffic 95 percentile is above 9 Mbps, Dedicated Bandwidth Service will be required.Dedicated bandwidth will be charged based in per Mbps. Customer should take action to filter any abusive traffic. .onion website are allowed but no support to tor related issues will be provided.

VPN Services: VPN services are accepted in VPS, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers for private use. In the case of traffic 95 percentile is above 9 Mbps, Dedicated Bandwidth Service will be required.Dedicated bandwidth will be charged based in per Mbps.

Copyright related content and materials: Customer is responsible of all content hosted in our servers and network. DMCA is not a panamanian regulation so immediate suspension or termination will not be executed upon the receiving of a DMCA complaint. Any website takedown notice that are not processed via Panamanian Authorities will be discarded. External linked content is not considered to be hosted in our servers or network and the complainer should contact the abuse team of the involved external provider.

Online Casino and Betting Websites: Customer may host online casino websites and betting websites as long as final users are outside of the Panamanian jurisdiction. Customer should take actions to prevent signups from Panama. Online casino affiliates websites are considered allowed content. Customer is responsible of having appropriate licensing where applied.

Financial Services and Investment Websites: Panama is well know for its Financial infrastructure and law. Customers is fully responsible from having appropriate financial business licensing to operate or market services from Panama. If not licensed in Panama, the Customer should take appropriate actions to avoid delivering financial services to Panama based users. Trading software is considered an allowed content.

Freedom of speech: Panamanian Constitution respect freedom of speech. Consequently, we do not censor our members on the basis of content. The Customer is fully responsible of the content, posts, articles hosted in our servers or network. Complainer should forward copy of competent panamanian court order in order to request content removal, in the case that this is not possible the complainer will need to work directly with the Website operator to resolve the situation.

File Hosting: Using a shared hosting account as a backup/storage device is strictly not permitted. Shared hosting account are meant for hosting Customer’s website content. If you are looking for file hosting our options are VPS, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers as the storage is dedicated to the Customer.

Use of unlicensed software: does not monitor what software a Customer is installing in our Servers. The Customer is fully responsible of getting appropriate software licensing. In the event of a complaint received from a software company we may request to remove or get valid license in order to continue operating in our network.

Actions in case of violation

Violation may result in suspension or even termination of all services without refund. will reserve the right to suspend, terminate or request specific content removal.

All communications with the Abuse department are done through email and our ticketing system for documentation purposes. The abuse department will only contact someone by phone to verify email addresses and ask for responses to those email addresses. The abuse department can be reached at All emails will generate a ticket and an auto-reply will be sent back to the sender verifying we have received the complaint. For most complaints, this will be the only email sent to the person filing the complaint.

What to Include in Complaints

All complaints sent to the abuse department must include an IP address, a valid reply-to email address, log entries and/or the complete headers and message body for SPAM email complaints, or any evidence of AUP violation. Log entries, message headers, and evidence must include timestamps less than 48 hours old. We reserve the right to reject any abuse complaints not containing this information.

How Complaints are Handled

All abuse complaints are handled within 24 hours by our abuse team. Complaints are individually analyzed for validity and then matched up with the account responsible for that IP address in the complaint. If the complaint is invalid due to a lack of information, it could be rejected. We make a best effort to determine the cause of complaints before forwarding them to our clients. Complaints are handled in order of severity and need for immediate resolution. No complaints are ever rejected blindly.

Reporting Network Abuse

Any party seeking to report violations please email to

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